• The Bumble

    Available for presale! The Bumble is the latest carrier HBW has to offer, and the most inclusive hybrid carrier in the US. The bumble is inspired by a carrier called Meh Dai. Meh Dai is a Chinese baby carrier that consists of a panel with long tails of fabric on each corner.

    The Bumble 
  • Woven Wraps

    Woven wraps are long pieces of woven fabric that you use to securely carry your baby. This method of carrying your child has been around for centuries. Using pieces of fabric, such as a Chitenge, is a tradition that has been kept alive for generations through the women in Africa.

    Woven Wraps 
  • Ring Slings

    A Ring Sling is another way to carry your child. It is made with a piece of woven fabric that is 2-3 yards long, with a pair of rings on one end. Ring Slings are great for a quick carry while on the go. The Ring Sling was said to be created in the 1980s by a Hawaiian man trying to help his wife.

    Ring Slings 
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Our Values

Our goal is to be one of the most body inclusive brands in North America. We offer extended sizes for our Ring Slings and Bumble at no additional cost. 

We strive to be as accessible as possible to all financial backgrounds by offering other ways to pay such as Shop Pay and Sezzle.

We plan to continue to give back to Carry the Future and any world crisis' that emerge.

Sustainability with our packaging and minimizing fabric waste to lessen our carbon footprint.

We meet all ASTM Standard and are members of BCIA. Having our products tested is our way to insure that your little ones are safe.

We offer complimentary babywearing consultations for anyone who needs help troubleshooting their carrier.

  • Owner & Lead Designer of HBW

    About the Founder and Designer of HBW

    "Hi! I am Kate, and I am a nerdy cool mom who never matches her kid’s socks. I studied at TCU majoring in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Painting and double minor in French & Art History.
    partner and I have 2 vibrant kids, Liv & Luke. When I had Luke, I utilized babywearing to help bond and have skin-to-skin. I always had sensory issues with touch, and woven wraps helped keep me from experiencing sensory overload while bonding with Luke.
    Since discovering my love for babywearing, I was able to create graphic designs. Eventually, I sold my art to wrap companies in Poland. After a brand took a piece of work from me, I decided I could start my own baby carrier brand with my art. My favorite part of HBW is getting to know all of you.

    When I am not playing with my babies or working, I like to play my clarinet and watch Bailey Sarian."

    What did you want to be when you grew up? 

    "A Professor! I always wanted to teach Art."

    What is your favorite snack?

    "Definitely Popcorn!" 🍿 

    What is your favorite pass time activity?

    "When I can, I love to make watercolors. It is something I can zone out and never get bored doing."

  • Babywearing Consultant for HBW

    About HBW’s Babywearing Consultant

    “I'm Kit, a trained Babywearing Educator & Consultant. I met my husband in college when we both made it onto the Ballroom Dance team. It's been a chaotic, but blessed ride from there. I have always been our family's Domestic Engineer, responsible for coordinating life, laundry, and everything in between. Babywearing started out as an occasional activity with my first, but with each additional child, it's become more critical to juggling the chaos of our crew. Like Kate, wrapping during COVID lockdown was a big key to recovering a positive touch experience and emotional regulation. I love sharing the closeness that comes with finding just the right carrier for the right person! When I'm not doing babywearing work, I'm homeschooling our 5 year old plus his entourage of three younger siblings. I also love sewing little things from HBW scrap packs, crocheting, and listening to audiobooks.”

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    An astronaut... not so much anymore, but I'm still fascinated by space and love watching space documentaries and reading/listening to Andy Weir books.”

    What is your favorite snack?

    Perry's Ice Cream, especially Bittersweet Sympathy!
    What is your favorite pass time activity?


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Featured collection

  • Rachel H.

    “I live in a climate where it’s hot and humid much of the year. That has the potential to make babywearing a challenge, but these wraps are perfect for warm weather! The fabric is nice and breathable so it isn’t uncomfortable even on hot and humid days. These wraps are durable as well, I’ve washed mine often when they get dirty and sweaty and they just get more comfortable the more I wear and wash them. The pattern is so vivid and bold, I love the hot air balloons!”

  • Alena C.

    “I love the bright colors in this wrap. I bought it in size 4, and it's been great to learn short carries with! Its soft, grippy but still with good glide, and super supportive and strong. It is my car wrap that I keep for using on the go. I've used it on nearly every shopping trip with my baby who is now a hefty 23 pounds at 7.5 months, and it has SAVED my back! Beautiful wrap. 10/10, highly recommend”

  • Esperanza M.

    “I feel very fortunate to be able to try this beautiful wrap that at first glance is in colors and texture simply beautiful. I was able to carry my 2 year old daughter and the passes I did with it were very easy to do, we wore it for short periods of time but on one occasion we wore it for 40 minutes for a nap and the weight was distributed perfectly, I did not feel tired and my baby slept peacefully, also the carrys remained firm and did not slip or loosen at any time. I was fascinated with this wrap, I feel it is perfect from newborn to older children as in the case of my daughter.”

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