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I live in a climate where it’s hot and humid much of the year. That has the potential to make babywearing a challenge, but these wraps are perfect for warm weather! The fabric is nice and breathable so it isn’t uncomfortable even on hot and humid days. These wraps are durable as well, I’ve washed mine often when they get dirty and sweaty and they just get more comfortable the more I wear and wash them. The pattern is so vivid and bold, I love the hot air balloons!” —Rachel

“I love the bright colors in this wrap. I bought it in size 4, and it's been great to learn short carries with! Its soft, grippy but still with good glide, and super supportive and strong. It is my car wrap that I keep for using on the go. I've used it on nearly every shopping trip with my baby who is now a hefty 23 pounds at 7.5 months, and it has SAVED my back! Beautiful wrap. 10/10, highly recommend” —Alena