Honey Bee Woven’s Babywearing Educator

     Laura— The Queen of Fancy Finishes. I have the pleasure of crossing paths with Laura when Honey Bee Woven was just a dream on paper. I developed a good relationship with her in the six months that I have known her. She has been babywearing for quite a while, but didn’t start using wraps regularly until after her second child. She had complications after birth and it was the easiest way for her to heal and bond with her son. Since then, she has been documenting her babywearing journey everyday in order to keep herself accountable and to show the world what its like to use a wrap; the best parts and the tough parts. She has proven herself to be revolutionary in the babywearing community because of this. Laura has encourage many parents to try a wrap and had them push their creativity to the next level with her amazing finishes.
    I am pleased to introduce Laura as our babywearing educator and I encourage all new woven wrap wearers to seek consultation with Laura to insure safe use with our wraps. 


Consultations are $60 an hour. This includes unlimited support through text and email.

To get in touch with Laura email her at lauraliggondesign@gmail.com 
Or get in touch with her through Instagram.