Mother Nature: Lilac

Tableau des Tailles

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100% Organic Cotton

Made in the United States with domestic fibers.

Approximately 275 gsm

Standard wrap width 25 inches 

Lilacs are associated with one’s first love or the first time one feels love for someone Mother Nature: Lilac is made with a soft purple color and white minimalist detail. Delicate and beautiful just like motherhood.

The more it is washed, the softer it gets.This is a special blend that needs different care! Your wrap is pre-washed to help tighten the weave and make it softer! Please wash one more time before you use it. The wrap will be stiff until you break it in. I promise it won't take long.

All our wraps are closely examined and steamed before we ship them out, these are some extra steps we take to insure the highest quality of our wraps. 

Please note that some wraps may have weaver flaws. This won’t effect the quality of the wrap. This is normal when woven fabric is produced.

To get fringes, just add this to your cart with your preferred style of fringe!
By purchasing any products from Honey Bee Woven, you agree to release Honey Bee Woven & its members and/or retailers from any and all liability for any injury which might result from the use of a wrap. The wearer is responsible for using the wrap safely and correctly. Please use all materials listed and sent with your wrap in order to properly wear your baby.

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