Who We Are

 When I first started wrapping— my son Lukas was four months old. During Quarentine in rural Colorado, my sister had introduced me to a woven wrap. She had been wearing babies for nearly seven years, and she insisted I try.  Once we started; we never looked back. I wish I had found this amazing bonding mechanism with my first child, Alivia. There is just something about babywearing... You know your child is happy, safe and ready to do everything with you. 

Honey Bee Woven started with a burning passion for creating art. I wanted to be able to make art in a way that would be functional and loved everyday. After I started wrapping, I sold some designs to a couple of wrap companies, and I felt that I could do this myself. I had an issue with how expensive wraps can be, and the cheapest wraps are simple and plain. So I wanted to take an expensive product and make it more affordable without risking quality. I strive to make the softest, most breathable, unique and sustainable fabric and wraps in the US. I want to make woven wraps more desirable in the US. The reason moms enjoy wraps isn't only about keeping your baby close to you while you conquer the world; it is about feeling beautiful in your skin again. A wrap made to make you feel as beautiful as you are.