Helpful Woven Wrap Guide

What do I do when I receive my wrap?

When you first receive your wrap, examine it to be sure there is no damage to it. check to make sure there are no holes, tears or any unusual imperfections. Each wrap is sewn by my husband there may be small imperfections with the edges, but nothing that will hinder the integrity of the fabric. This fabric can be a little stiff when receiving it, but I assure you that it is extremely soft.
Please wash it as instructed: Wash on cold using delicate cycle, and gentle detergent, no bleach. `DO NOT wash with other items. When drying, you can tumble dry on low, or hang dry if possible. After your first wash, your wrap will shrink about 7%.
To break in your wrap, I suggest doing the following in this video by Amy Rainbow. My favorite way to break in my wraps is to braid it and pull. Doing so strengthens your wrap even more and tightens the weave. Once you break it in, you can wrap your sweet baby!


Front Wrap Cross Carry (Base size and larger)


Shorter Wrap variation: Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Butt (Size 4 and larger)